LIve the Sacred Teachings of Aloha Workshop

Long Beach (CA) October 19th-21st

Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki and Kumu Paʻa Kawika Foster will share the Traditional Hawaiian Teachings from the island of Molokai in a 2,5 day workshop in Long Beach, California. Representing the 50th and 51st generation of their lineage, they invite you to embrace the spirit of aloha. The kindness and unconditional love that is the hallmark of the Hawaiian people or better said Kanaka Maoli. The Moʻolelo (stories), the Hula (Hawaiian Dance), and the Oli (chants) transmit the ancestral teachings and share the truth and spirit power from the island that is known as Molokai Pule Oʻo, Molokai island of Powerful prayers. Get ready or mākaukau for the real deal.

Aloha is something you breathe every minute of the day. It is a clear and firm understanding of being in the space we choose to be in our lives at the moment and time. It’s knowing and not having any need to know. It is so simple and yet many have made it so complicated.
— Kumu Paʻa Lawrence Aki

nā Kumu o Mana O Molokai

Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki is born and raised in the valley of Halawa, Molokai, Hawaii. His maternal grandmother Bernice Kawailani Nahoopii was his first teacher, accompanied by a great many grandaunts and granduncles. For 35+ years he was taught the ancient Hawaiian traditions by his still living blood-uncle 49th Generation Kumu Hula Anakala (Uncle) Pilipo and his teacher Kumu Hula Aunty Harriet Ne.  Joining him at the workshop Live the Sacred Teachings of Aloha in Long Beach are Kumu Paʻa Kawika Foster, and his two Poʻopuaʻa (apprentices) Kathryn Roberts & Kyrian van Vliet.

50th Generation Teacher Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki is known for his knowledge on the history of Molokai; his engaging telling of the famous Moʻolelo, stories, of the heroic Molokai chiefs and chieftesses as well as teaching the ancient Hawaiian knowledge of spirituality and healing.

Kumu Paʻa Kawika Foster

Kumu Pa'a Kawika Foster, founder and owner of Mana O Kahiko, is a traditional practitioner of Hawaiian culture and traditions. He was accepted as a student of Kumu Paʻa Lawrence Aki in 2007. Since his acceptance Kawika learned the cultural practices of his Hawaiian heritage. He learned in a traditional manner. Once initiated into the lineage he lived with his teacher in Halawa Valley Molokai. His trainings where conducted in an oral basis. Stories, chants and dance where taught through listening, observing, and repeated till mastery. As of 2010 he has been traveling internationally sharing the knowledge and wisdom he learned. In 2014 Kawika was released from his training by his teacher and given the responsibility to preserve and perpetuate this knowledge and wisdom. Today he continues sharing internationally and from his home in Australia. (Partly taken from his website

[..] Take advantage of the knowledge, wisdom, kindness, guidance and accessibility of Kumu Pa’a Lawrence whilst it is available. Both the traditional history and the post-contact history are important to paving the way forward for all people to live, experience and be touched by Aloha. [..]
— Julia A. from Sydney, Australia. Participant of the Molokai Hula Bliss & Huakaʻi 2018 and Lomilomi practitioner

Lineage stems from Halawa Valley

From the island of Molokai stems a lineage that is 50 generations old -if not more-, from the Valley of Halawa. The meaning of Halawa is "Hā", means the breath and "lawa" means sufficient or abundant. You are to understand this on many levels, first the physical level; there is an abundance of food, from the many kalo fields within the valley irrigated by the Halawa Stream, the fishes in river, and the creatures of the ocean. Secondly you have the mental and spiritual level where the valley and its inhabitants had so much mana, so much spiritual power in the form of Cultural and spiritual knowledge and wisdom. This knowledge has been preserved with all its might by the revered ancestors, all ʻōhana (family).

Also Halawa Valley is the place where the first Polynesians arrived in 650 AD, of which the evidence is carbon dated charcoal from the imu close to Kaiwili Beach. 

We are very happy to be able to share some of the knowledge with you in this workshop. Watch this video to have a taste of what living aloha from Halawa Valley feels like.

Kumu Paʻa Lawrence Aki is an amazing teacher, he radiates aloha, and I am so much looking forward to learning more from him.
— Marc P. from Ottawa, Canada. Participant of the Molokai Hula Bliss & Huakaʻi 2018

Kumu Paʻa Lawrence Aki


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 Moʻoula Falls, Ancestor of Halawa Valley, Molokai, Hawaii

Moʻoula Falls, Ancestor of Halawa Valley, Molokai, Hawaii

Learn the levels of Hawaiian Healing

The following are some of the topics that will be share with you in the workshop, at the same time be mākaukau, be ready for anything at any time:

  • Dances from the island of Molokai, Hawaii
  • Na Mo'olelo (Stories) of Molokai
  • Discussion on
    • Protocol and Mo'oku'auhau
    • 'Olelo No'eau (proverbs) from the island of Molokai
      • Molokai 'Aina Momona - Molokai Island of Plenty (spiritually, mentally and physically)
      • Molokai Pule O'o - Molokai of Powerful Prayers
      • Molokai Nui A Hina - Molokai Island Child of the Great Mother, Protector and Goddess Hina
    • Traditional Hula (Kahiko) from Molokai
    • Auana (contemporary Hula) from Molokai
    • Ho'oponopono Process
    • Lomilomi (Hawaiian Bodywork) History
    • Learn the levels and layers of Hawaiian Healing
      • Ohana (Family)
      • Hana (Work)
      • Makaukau (Readiness)
      • 'Oia'io (Truth)
      • Aloha (Unconditional Love)
      • Pule (Prayer)
      • Ke Akua (Higher Being)

 Hina, Mother, Protector, Goddess of her Island Child Molokai

Hina, Mother, Protector, Goddess of her Island Child Molokai


USD $300.00 Weekend workshop (2,5 days) from Friday evening to Sunday from October 19th - 21st 2018

  • Friday October 19th 6:30PM-8:30PM Protocol & Kukakuka (Talk Story) Evening 

    • This evening is free of charge. You can register here for just the Friday Evening.

  • Saturday & Sunday October 20th & 21st Workshop 9:00AM-4:00PM

  • Hula Class on Saturday October 20th 5:00-7:00PM (Intermediate/Advanced level). If you are not planning to attend the complete workshop, you can book the Hula Class separately here.

FAQ – For who is this workshop

The weekend workshop is for anyone who feels they would benefit from ancient indigenous teachings.  And would love to learn more about Hawaiian Culture. Practitioners & Teachers will find the content enables them to offer more to their clients and students

FAQ - I never danced hula is that a problem? 

No - You can try follow the Hula Class as best as you can.

FAQ – are healing sessions available with the Kumus:

No – Unfortunately due to the limited time there is no space for private healing sessions. We do recommend sending us an email so we know of your request and take it into consideration. 

FAQ – how do I pay?

You can pay for the Workshop online via credit card here. As we are required to pre-pay all of our costs, we are unable to offer refunds or transfers to other programs.  

What I do say to you, and the world, is to incorporate Aloha (love) which is unconditionally. This unconditional love will always lead you to the line of truth, the only true choice we have. This unconditional love will then open the doors or way to all happiness and love for ourselves.
— Kumu Paʻa Lawrence Aki


Location Workshop

Renaissance Long Beach Hotel

111 East Ocean Boulevard, 

Long Beach,

California 90802 USA

Rooms are discounted for participants. Contact us for information.


You can either book for the complete workshop on Friday, Saturday and Sunday October 19th-21st which includes a two-hour Hula Class on Saturday afternoon. Alternatively you can register for the Free Friday Night and the Hula Class separately. Make your choice below.

A hui hou! - Until we meet again.