Mana O Hawaii Retreat Australia November 3 - 12 2018

A lifechanging retreat filled with aloha..

Do you want to step out from the box you have created ? Are you ready to discover your spiritual calling?  Perhaps you are looking for true fulfillment of your purpose?

Are you looking to be more happy and to finally start loving yourself?

 …Or of finding a genuine teacher whom you can connect with and trust to guide you at a deeper level?


A quick glimpse of the Mana O Hawaii Retreat 2017. So many experiences, great sharing and learning by all. Aloha.

Posted by Mana O Kahiko - Spirit Power of Our Ancestors on Sunday, November 5, 2017

51 generations of traditional Hawaiian Teachings here and now

Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki from Molokai, Hawaii, would love to help you. Joining him are Kumu Paʻa Kawika Foster of Mana O Kahiko, Poʻopuaʻa (apprentice) Kathryn Roberts & Poʻopuaʻa (apprentice) Kyrian van Vliet, in our third Annual 10-Day Retreat in Byron Bay at Wybalena Organic Farm Retreat, Australia – a complete Immersion Program in Hawaiian Culture, Spirituality, Traditional Practices & Healing.

An authentic tradition of 51 generations of Traditional Hawaiian Teachings shows you how to live your life with a firm and unshakeable foundation; to be Paʻa (strong foundation). It supports you to live more passionately, profoundly, truthfully everyday.  ALOHA which means Unconditional Love - you hear it and read about it.  This retreat will teach you how to put it into practice. As a taster watch this video with 51st Generation Kumu Pa'a Kawika Foster where he shares the essence of Aloha from a Traditional perspective. 

Space is limited for our Mana O Hawaii Retreat. If you are the one who needs to be there make your booking here.

For me I was building a brick wall without the mortar. Through the teachings I have received the missing knowledge that provided the strength and authenticity that my brick wall was missing. This is a way of being, a consolidation of mind, body & spirit that builds a knowing.
— Participant Mana O Hawaii Retreat 2017

start building your spiritual foundation 

At the retreat an exciting world will open to you through topics such as:

  • The Traditional Hawaiian Way of Thinking about things, life, the Universe and beyond
  • Hawaiian Cosmology
  • The concepts of the word "Papa" – dealing with the many layers and levels of existence
  • Paʻa – how to build a strong, unshakeable foundation
  • The foundation teachings – the ABC’s of Hawaiian Teachings and how they take you into the thousands of layers and realms of existence
  • Correct Protocols – what they are, when they’re done, who does them, how and why
  • Oli – traditional chants to learn its function and to master it
  • Mele – traditional songs
  • Moʻolelo – stories which open the hidden meanings 
  • Pule – traditional prayer and way of communicating with Akua – the higher being and all things in this Universe
  • Hula – traditional Hawaiian dance which embodies healing, prayer, connection, stories through space and time
  • Bodywork – healing touch through prayer
  • Hoʻoponopono –  a traditional way to make things right - dispelling the myths with an in depth introduction to the true traditional practice to bring alignment physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Ceremony – learn about and participate in Ceremony as part of Protocol

You take in what you can at this retreat and when you go home you will be able to apply these powerful teachings to your life and your client work straight away.  If what you've read makes sense, if you've seen our You Tube videos and they're making your heart resonate, then the truth is speaking to you! The next step is to book your place here.

    Kumu Paʻa Kawika Foster of Mana O Kahiko preparing for a ceremony

    Kumu Paʻa Kawika Foster of Mana O Kahiko preparing for a ceremony

    [..] Living and Integrating the teachings has been powerful I feel the retreat really lifted the belief in separation and deepened my connection with Akua, living Aloha, being pono, walking the line of truth, concepts I understood but have [not] been able to embody. Having space on this retreat really supported me to process and apply the learnings while there.
    — Participants Mana O Hawaii Retreat 2017


    Of course, we always have to be ready for anything and so you might find ʻUhane (spirit) is moving us to add more things in as we go – that’s what makes our retreats so dynamic, real and different. They are completely guided by the Kumus 24/7 spiritual communication.

    There’s so much on offer to you that we can’t fit it all in this small space. If you’re interested in learning more:

    Contact Kumu Lawrence via Messenger or send us an email


    Attentive listening to Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki  at the class on  "Living the Sacred Teachings of Aloha" in the cosy living room of Wybalena Organic Farm

    Attentive listening to Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki  at the class on  "Living the Sacred Teachings of Aloha" in the cosy living room of Wybalena Organic Farm

    The teachings on Aloha and Pohaku (stones or baggage red.) were fantastic on all levels. The space provided a great balance of mingling and alone time for integration. The Lomilomi qualification value added to the experience. The set menu gave structure to the kitchen and removed uncertainty.
    — Participant Mana O Hawaii Retreat 2017

    Kumu Paʻa Kawika Foster, Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki, Poʻopuaʻa Kathryn Roberts at opening ceremony at Mana O Hawaii Retreat ʻ17

    Kumu Paʻa Kawika Foster, Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki, Poʻopuaʻa Kathryn Roberts at opening ceremony at Mana O Hawaii Retreat ʻ17

    FAQ – how much and what’s included:

    $2 700 which includes ten (10) nights shared accommodation PLUS

    • All meals - starting with dinner and ending with breakfast
    • All tuition and learning activities
    • Pick-up and Drop-off to Gold Coast Airport (OOL) if needed
    • Direct access to both Kumu Pa’a Lawrence & Kumu Pa’a Kawika and their nā poʻopuaʻa/nā alakaʻi (apprentices)

    Dates: 3 November (check-in) - 12 November (check-out)

    FAQ – is this retreat just for healers and practitioners

    No – this retreat is for anyone who feels they would benefit from time with Kumu and the ancestors, learning about how to live life from a strong spiritual foundation, help with healing their own lives. Practitioners & Teachers will find the content enables them to offer more to their clients and students.

    FAQ – how do I pay?

    You can pay for your retreat online here via credit card. You can make the full payment immediately or pay in installments, as required: 

    • AUD $700 by February 1st
    • AUD $1,000 by March 1st
    • AUD $1,000 by July 1st

    If you have questions about your spirituality, existence, why you’re here, the quality of your life, if you ‘know’ there’s something more even if you can’t quite name it, if you want want to clear the decks of misinformation about Hawaiian Healing and Spirituality and be absolutely sure, without question, of the correct and truthful information, delivered in a clear, truthful and no-nonsense manner, then this is the teaching experience for you.
    — Participant of Mana O Hawaii Retreat 2017


    Where does the retreat take place

    Wybalena Organic Farm

    789 The Pocket Road, The Pocket NSW 2483

    • 30 minutes from Byron Bay
    • 40 minutes from Gold Coast Airport (OOL)

    To secure your space click on the BOOK NOW button below.

    The Retreat was a profound and transformational experience for me. I am a new “me”.
    — Participant of Mana O Hawaii Retreat 2017

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