In-Depth Conversations With Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki

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In-Depth Conversations With Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki


Reframing your life from within Traditional Hawaiian Culture

“Exclusive two-day workshop with plenty personal attention where all your questions get answered. Dive deep in the time-proven and core-essential knowledge of the Hawaiian Culture”

Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki now offers a two-day workshop where you can take your knowledge and life questions to the next level. At this private and exclusive small class at Kumuʻs own house you will be free to roam and explore different realms of knowing and familiarize yourself with the indigenous Hawaiian perspective of beliefs, family systems and worldview. Kumu Paʻa Lawrence was taught from four year old age by his maternal grandmother “Tutu Lady” Bernice Kawailani Nahoopiʻi and for 35+ years by his still living blood-uncle Anakala Pilipo. Kumu was born and raised in Halawa valley and has has seen lifeʻs trials and tribulations from all angles. When you feel itʻs time to take it more than a couple notches up, this is the opportunity to go straightly to the source. We welcome you. Aloha.

“[..] Take advantage of the knowledge, wisdom, kindness, guidance and accessibility of Kumu Pa’a Lawrence whilst it is available. [..]”

— Julia A. from Sydney, Australia. Participant of the Molokai Hula Bliss & Huakaʻi 2018 and Lomilomi practitioner

Choose from the following dates February 13th- 14th 2019 / March 13th-14th 2019 / April 3rd-4th 2019 / April 29th- 30th

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Reference points

  • Background

  • Lineage of 50 Generations of knowledge holders & teachers

  • Discussion on Traditional Hawaiian Teachings (Knowledge & Wisdom)

  • Hawaiian Worldview

  • Hawaian belief system & practices

  • Hawaiian History & Present

  • Hawaiian Values, Morals & Politics


You will not learn Lomilomi (Hawaiian Bodywork), Hula (Hawaiian Dance), Oli (chant). This is not a Hoʻoponopono Session or a Hoʻoponopono Class. This is not a Papa Class (Class on Foundations of Hawaiian Healing).

Choose from Dates

  • February Wednesday 13th-Thursday 14th 2019

  • March Wednesday 13th- Thursday 14th 2019

  • April Wednesday 3rd- Thursday 4th 2019

  • April Monday 29th-Tuesday 30th

Duration Two days

Time Opening 9:00am - Closing 3:00pm. Lunch break 12:00 - 1:00pm (Pot Luck Lunch: Bring your own lunch to be shared)

Location  Kawela Barns (Milemarker 4 1/2 going East from Kaunakakai), 2618 Kamehameha Hwy-Unit 3A (ground floor apartment), Kaunakakai, Molokai, Hawaii