Online Class Nā Moʻolelo Lomilomi


Online Class Nā Moʻolelo Lomilomi


Join us for the Online Class on the topic of Na Moʻolelo Lomilomi by Kumu Paʻa Lawrence Aki. Lomilomi meaning Hawaiian Bodywork.

Dates: April 4 & 5

Time: 9:00AM -12:00 PM HST

Cost is USD $125 per person.

Platform: Zoom

You can join the Zoom online Class on your computer or on your mobile device (iOS / Android). Upon Registration you will receive your meeting ID by email a day before the class.

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vt. To rub, press, squeeze, crush, mash fine, knead, massage, rub out; to work in and out, as claws of a contented cat. Kāmano lomi, iʻa lomi, salmon or fish, usually raw, worked with the fingers and mixed with onions and seasoned. Kanaka lomi, masseur, masseuse. (PPN lomi.) (from Pukui/Elbert Dictionary)


n.. Story, tale, myth, history, tradition, literature, legend, journal, log, yarn, fable, essay, chronicle, record, article; minutes, as of a meeting. (From moʻo ʻōlelo, succession of talk; all stories were oral, not written.) Puke moʻolelo aupuni, public records. hoʻo.moʻo.lelo Caus/sim. (For. 6:523.) (from Pukui/Elbert Dictionary)

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We use Zoom Technology for our online classes. You can join our Zoom video conference Class on your computer or on your mobile device (iOS / Android). After payment and registration you will receive a meeting ID for a day before the class is scheduled. When the class is finished you will receive the recording.

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